About the Law Office of Christopher G. Findlater


At the Law Office of Christopher G. Findlater, PLLC, we are true to “listening to your concerns and advocating on your behalf.” It is a simple reminder of where our focus lies, and that is with the people who make up our community. The firm represents people who have been injured by another’s neglect or carelessness. As an attorney, listening is just as important as anything we do. Once we have heard a person’s story, and have decided to represent them, we devise the means and take the actions necessary to make sure that our clients are heard by others. We advocate to have their demands heeded. We remain principled in our approach and vigilant in our fight for them. Throughout the entire process, our clients are never forgotten. To us, a case is not just another case. It is our client’s life, and we are privileged to be their representative.

Our Process

Our goal is to empower you in every step of the way. That is why it is important for us to be transparent in our process. 

Meet Our Attorney

Chris is an attorney with a passion to seek justice on behalf of others and will use his experience to fight for his clients. 

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What are the benefits of retaining The Law Office of Christopher G. Findlater as your law firm? 

  1. Our attorney has experience on both sides of the courtroom – We understand how insurance companies do business. We will put that knowledge to work for you. With The Law Office of Christopher G. Findlater, you will have an attorney who has been on both sides of the courtroom. An attorney who has filed lawsuits, as well as defended clients against them, and someone who will know how to defend your case against the other side's attacks.
  2. We care about you - We aim to serve the people that make up our Community. We take your concerns seriously and if we take your case, we will give you the attention you deserve and nothing but our maximum effort.
  3. Innovative + Technologically Relevant – We pride ourselves on being technologically adept, in a way that will make us more efficient at our job and make the battle of a lawsuit a little more convenient for you.

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