Our Process

Our Process 

Life is already hard. We strive to make our process easy.

On the path to justice, our goal at the Law Office of Christopher G. Findlater is to empower you in every step.

Step 1: Investigate – Information is Power. We collect it.

After accepting your case, the first step will always be to gather all the available information pertaining to your case. If there is information supportive of our client’s case, we will get it. If there is information that can be used against you, we want to know it. In terms of a contested case, ignorance is not bliss. The gathering of information is an on-going process, but our aim is to always place you in an advantageous position. Our knowledge of the facts and our trust in your story will power us through the obstacles to come, on your path to recovery.

Step 2: Evaluate – Set Achievable Goals Based on the Facts.

You need to be able to filter the facts through a keen knowledge of the law and experience. After gathering the facts, the next step of the process is determining what information is relevant to help your case. Based on that information, Christopher Findlater will evaluate your case, based on the legal possibilities. He will weigh those possibilities with what is practical and probable, based on several factors, such as past cases and venue. In achieving the best result, one must always consider the cost and the resources that will be needed to get to the destination. We will efficiently chart the course, and in collaboration with you as a client, we will execute.

Step 3: Negotiate – Communicate with the Insurance Companies.

Retain an attorney that is familiar with the language insurance companies use, who knows the difference between bluster and real talk, and knows the evaluative criteria typically used in a car accident and personal injury case. With integrity and principle, we will use all the leverage we have at our disposal to advance your case. After hearing your concerns, attorney Findlater will negotiate to get what you want.

Step 4: Litigate – We take your case to the judge and jury.

Talking is fine, but sometimes, insurance companies and defense attorneys refuse to seriously consider a plaintiff’s demand and will only respond to action. At the Law Office of Christopher G. Findlater, our attorney will take your case to trial. There is no better leverage than being trial ready. If negotiations fail, we do not avoid the prospect of a trial, but from day one of accepting your case, we put our process in motion to take your case to a judge and jury. By your side the entire way, we prepare and empower you to share your story with those that will hear you.

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